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There is a life,

lived by someone.

Just about experience or something else is defined as a mistake.

All about past?

Maybe second one chosen.

definetily it is.

He acts like he doesn’t wanna have a mistaken,

what the good behavior is made.

He is like a star,

when he speaks to his audiences.


The truth what he believes is his goal for fixing his past,

but couldn’t.


The fiction what he knows only results to become known,

and he stays for a while.

–the fact.

Even there some missed things,

what is the meaning of the one who calls, that makes him to stop talking?

The silence never excuses.



I just learned three words that night: “goodwill is a cancer”.



Even the time goes,

a man

even though all those hassels,

with help of the nature,

how he reachs to his aim,


what they were being about.

The French Revolution…

He wanted to fly his flag.



in my previous life…

ooops!#^? (that is pessimistic)

before two hours I acted at scene


hmm maybe amigos,

whatever I had.

I thought I was having some rottens,

just about rentals.

There is nothing at all.

I’m alone,

and I sit at a room,

I’m about sleeping or fighting with that shit in between…

–must have to choose the second one.



he comes down of the scene…

with his greetings.

he breaks the key,


rides his bicycle to up.

–gear is one though.

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