Nobody Praying For Her: Stage Two

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For stage 1

When she woke up, she already thought he got no some rest as if she did…

He slept no much, and he read a book as always.

She thought he is a lucky guy when he met her. As she guesses he has experimental brain to do his favorite things, and he fears them now because he couldn’t have done his best yet.

However, these always comes to him what he thinks like bad sequence of events. She likes to hear all these things from him.

Exactly, she doesn’t know what these are that’s why she cares about him, and she’s gonna be insane then.

Firstly, he just has to be relax, and there is gonna be something to live in good days. She hopes so that with her all breath especially when she’s with him.

She says “Yay! Why is that? Ha ha.”

Everything is okay now, so wish something to happen. Yup.

He says “They say that, Déjà Vu is usually a sign of love at first sight…”

It seems weird but, it generally has to be agreed by she that don’t know his past, this happiness is normally in life time.

She says “Having a sex… It can be one of the most aspired things to love, people have unreal feeling. Funny and ironic…” She had no real feeling to belong with someone, too.

Then she wakes up her dream and says “What the hell took you so long?”

The reason why she shouldn’t have hoped loving him, but everybody knows that, as an author said “the good ones are never known at first sight!”

All this happens has no reason to get to know onto brain who he is.

Then after the morning…

He got outta the bed, and thinking of feelings nothing at all, and turns up the burner to drink a coffee because of staying awake as well.

She thinks she’s aware now…

After a while he says “So, this is where I was born!”

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