Nobody Praying For Her

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“Why do I get the feeling we’ve met before?”

Getting back to just a few minutes ago… Let me remind y’all.

A dog comes to cafe, and it disturbs a girl. So, a boy tells it “don’t disturb the girl”. Then everything starts after she caught him through to her heart.

They kept silent for that moment…

And, to the past…

She says “Maybe we have, in another life.”

The answer comes to be said by him What’s that other life like?”

He could say “hi” and she had been quiet. There was a good feelings between him and her. He asked her would you like drink a cup tea or maybe coffee with me?

At the second meeting up, she says “You know that feeling you have that we met before?”

They told everything about mutual things each other.

The feeling that on his mind, he couldn’t has slept, and it sometimes doesn’t exist. She guesses he had a dream about the girl he goes to somewhere with her, and he started to the world might be a strange to him or he’s a lucky person.

She said he is absolutely god damn lucky!

Also he’s been living since midnight, contrary she lives in day times and she hopes, morning will be a good for her. He had no sleep until about 30 hours that’s why he has to sleep, and his eyes wanna close through to dreams…

She says It’s the same with me.”

In the other side, she just wanna be quiet to help herself at moments of night because she likes that not to goes crazy. Actually, she neither has a demon on her brain to fight it like that himself.

“Whatever yo! There is something wrong with it.”

She needs to sleep… Then it happens until what she wants to wake up…

For stage 2

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