Nobody Praying: Going from Future to Back

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For stage 1

For stage 2


“How much longer do you have, ha?

You are really a god.

No, I’m not really a god. *1

*2 Sinan, who is friend of him smells his feelings out. Then, Sinan starts drawing diagram of life. They’ve had conversation about women fair. Sinan also knows how to solve problems, and he is on the way of them.

He likes Sinan as does Sinan.

After two hours conversation, he gets the diagram and stars to plan. He is on his way, as above he guess he grew up and he just needed Adrian such like John did. Paulie and Mick are children as right and left side in him. *3

# This contents how they feel, and it doesn’t have to have good things you get…*2

The boy’s grown up in time, and thinks they had good conversation when they were in different cities. He talked with her he has to put everything right, and decided to. It must. Everything comes when you are younger so much.

This is the rule.

In case, she had some disfavor about what they had, and she’d avoided to talk him. He never seemed understanding but, he always felt it. This showed the sense how he had.

At nights, he checked what they lived together up with way too. For instance, he laughed on she striked an attitude, and she sometimes talked to him as she liked walking with him. Bullshit!

What happened? *3


At last, he thought they had a sweet argument:

I’m just like you.

Just a bunch of electricity. ” *1


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