Say Morning Yourself

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Let’s try it dude! Just have been thinking about looking around when I going to another city by anything I want.”

You have already thought you live in another city where you wanna go to your nightmares whenever it comes…”

Then think what I say now! On my mind something has turned back through to my middle hair. Something like that application form, which is empty because you want it to be like that?”

So, it’s what you did. You had friends behind so that, it often happens if you want. I know what you mean.”

It happened if there are some possibilities that may go wrong if I accept. It just…

You have a chance again, goes to future you won’t stop it. You must be going to your dreams till you die.”

Whatever… Let’s talk about better things.”

This is the good what I talk about! Not to happen war against the nightmares.”

There had been dark days you I should have rejected…”

You shouldn’t!”

…when I couldn’t have handled with these. And I’m stronger now.” *i

So, are you sure *ii you absolutely talking to me?” -He’s surprised with his ideas are less emotional than a few ago. *ii

Yes, I’m sure who I’m talking with. There is noone who trusts eveyone anymore.” *i

Thus you must get up again with every morning could born for you again…“

Of course, I would accept…”

Then, just think wat if it couldn’t?”

No matter, there is always better.”


I’d take care of myself with fews of me…”

  • The photo was shot on the 12th of January in ’17.

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