Who Believes?

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When boy seeing a girl, who he realizes talking with…

A BOY: #hi{}

A GIRL: Hi? Where I..??

B: I’ve been following your posts with I’ve enjoyed for two months.

G: What the fu..??

B: Your sketches… I realize you are designer whose heart was killed by a boy own self.

G: It means???!! He?

B: Sometimes, whoever sees you…

G: Not you, ha?

B: He thinks how to fix the heart, which would be a couple again.

G: So? There’s a fact, either the boy might be known as {{bad_ass}} or I don’t c#.

B: If he dreams all the nights nobody can do?

G: He should be ashamed looking her eyes… 

B: It’s very terrifying possibility as well.

G: And he absolutely must be sure about it!

B: As you saw this morning…

G: Who believes in him again?

B: Here we are. Just think about that.

G: If…

B: Yeap. That’s what I thought.

G: </brain>


A song of the end

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