The Dark Day

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How to start getting up from deep sleep again is like a concerto. It must be hard to believe, and easy way to be fail after all the trying conspiracy.

Now whenever you just wait, it’s like silence between things have always been on brain. You know how it is listened by traveling. *1

Assuming at the bar, drunk person can read a newspaper because of boring with the other ones what the others talking about past, broke up with all the people. When it occurs the drunk person wants to be go his home, and getting continue going away. This happens when he is close to sleeping *2 at morning.

Here the dark day *2 comes with the patient not to go crazy. It’s winning who has transparent things to changes when everything has gone.

It’s like good experiences within either running before staying or walking when temporal lobs never awake. There has always something makes us smile, but it has to be gotten ready to flight to somewhere you go. *1

What does it is in our hands to shaking up.

What if just saving the screaming to survive in the earliest time.

  • The photo was shot on the 8th of January in ’17.


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