The Story of My Childhood Legend

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The Story of My Childhood Legend started with I had the best wish to eat it, so I’ve already been eating it. Everybody ate it, either they were rich or poor. It doesn’t matter clearly.

Recently, I saw it was on shelf at the market, I haven’t remembered now, wasn’t bought a single one. I surprised.

Let me give you an example: I remember that, I had a sick and, I couldn’t go to the market, so I wanted my father to buy Pringles. I knew that, my father wasn’t a rich person, and he said me he could buy with his upset smiling. However, there was a fact that, he would buy it, and he did.

The possibility had bad moments about it wasn’t bought, and the father of anyone absolutely did. Even so, they get something angry, they really wanted not to break their children up.

The life was good when we had happiness better than now with something little. We might not be able change something wrong, but we must be happy what we have. When people are happy about it, the humanity can be changed…

Lastly, it’s not been to appreciated, but it’s one of the most valuable moments in our life…

  • The photo was shot on the 3rd of August in ’16.

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